Dungeons & Dragons: Dusk

Welcome to our Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition online resource. Feel free to post up any characters you meet or even characters you would like to see in the future. In addition the wikipedia can be modified to contain up to date canon information about the world around us. Shoot me a message on facebook if your unable to access anything!

The Kingdom

The Kingdoms of Kaldamere are ancient and peaceful lands. These fertile lands are inhabited by a wide variety of creatures and the landscape dotted with sprawling cityscapes and natural wonders. However a dormant threat has always been present. For centuries ‘The Great Wall’ to the East, a veil of darkness where no sun penetrates, has lain quiet and unmoving. The lands to the east festering with horrors and death have never been a concern. At worst a raiding party of pale hobgoblins would emerge and quickly sink back before the rise of the sun. After almost 600 years now the Great Wall no longer rests and the darkness has been trickling closer to the inhabitants of the Kingdoms. It is 3 months since this news swept across the lands and within weeks the first town that is due to be engulfed, the bustling city of ‘Ankbarrow’, is all but hysterical.

The various societies of the Kingdoms have joined together in this moment of fear and impending disaster. Led by the Arch Mage Tel’ Vor a magical and military effort is culminating as a blockade for the oncoming wall just outside Ankbarrow. The roads are filled with families fleeing from the East to the West and those with adventure in their eyes battle the flow and head East, to fight for their lands against an all-consuming & seemingly impossible threat.

Our story begins in the Forest of Naratash, a magical province tucked into the coast a day west from Ankbarrow. Home to an ancient race of wood elves, and still untouched by the persuasive sway of urban civilization the forest rests, innocent from the world in turmoil around them. As the forest sighs off its browning fall leaves, a group of unlikely adventurers make haste, riding for Ankbarrow at great speed. However there are reasons that travellers do not normally take this forest shortcut. At this time every action may forever change the course of the Kingdoms erupting history.


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